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We are one of the best quality household care products exporters, sourced from Southeast Asia’s largest brush manufacturer, who use recycled plastics in their production.

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  • Cashew Nuts
  • Wooden Banister
  • Wiper
  • Upright Broom
  • T-Shape Cotton Mop
  • Toilet Brush
  • Rayon and Polyester Mop
  • Plastic Hand Scrup
  • Plastic Hand Brush
  • Flat Broom
  • Dustpan with Banister
  • Cotton Mop
  • Cobweb Brush

Oven Baked

Roasted with Chilli & Salt

Roasted with Curry Leaves

Wooden Banister 1

Wooden Banister 2

Wooden Banister 3

Wooden Banister 4

Wooden Banister 5

Wiper 1

Wiper 2

Wiper 3

Upright Broom 1

Upright Broom 2

T-Shape Cotton Mop 1

T-Shape Cotton Mop 2

Toilet Bowl 1

Toilet Bowl 2

Toilet Bowl 3

Rayon and Polyester Mop

Plastic Hands Scrub 1

Plastic Hands Scrub 2

Plastic Hands Scrub 3

Plastic Hands Scrub 4

Plastic Hand Brush 1

Plastic Hand Brush 2

Plastic Hand Brush 3

Plastic Hand Brush 4

Plastic Hand Brush 5

Flat Broom 1

Flat Broom 2

Flat Broom 3

Flat Broom 4

Flat Broom 5

Flat Broom 6

Dustpan with Banister 1

Dustpan with Banister 2

Dustpan with Banister 3

Dustpan with Banister 4

Dustpan with Banister 5

Cotton Mop 1

Cotton Mop 2

Cotton Mop 3

Cotton Mop 4

Cobweb Brush 1

Cobweb Brush 2

Cobweb Brush 3

Cobweb Brush 4





About Us

Cashew Nuts

Coco Care Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd, is a fresh and premium quality cashew nuts supplier from Sri Lanka, we practice traditional techniques and modern technology to serve these Cashew Nuts to our consumers while protecting the nutritional benefits and taste of our products. We use only finest products, and we care about farmer and the consumer to be treated fairly and benefit equally.

Our Passion

We connect the farmed to consumer on a profitable and sustainable way where both parties satisfy by a good price for their product and good taste on the consumers end.

Household Care Products

The Household Care products are used daily, the quality of the product is dictated by the long-lasting ability of the product. The product we supply are from the recycled plastics which will reduce the carbon footprint to have a safe environment. The best quality wood is selected to cater the products.

Our Passion

We believe our consumers to be delighted using our product range and delivering best value that generates loyal, devoted customers. We invite you to join our family to experience quality, sustainable and long-lasting products.







No. 28/7, Ayurvedic hospital road, warakapola,
Sri Lanka.


+94 776545925

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